Runoffs held to elect second Head Prefect

Alexander Dinh

There will be one final runoff election between Assistant News Editor Davis Marks ’24 and Elizabeth Johnstone ’24 for the second Head Prefect position.

After the first round of elections, Bari LeBari ’24 was elected as Head Prefect over Marks, Johnstone and Glory Ho ’24 on March 24. To be elected Head Prefect, a candidate must receive 50% of the total vote, but none of the candidates besides LeBari received 50% of the total vote in the first round of elections. Therefore, a runoff was required and voting for the runoff closed 3 p.m. on Monday.

In the runoff election, none of the candidates received 50% of the votes; however, Ho received the least votes, so a second and final runoff between Johnstone and Marks will take place. Polls will close at 3 p.m Tuesday.