Team hopes to benefit from deeper, more experienced roster

Elly Choi

The varsity girls’ golf team will start off their season against Marymount with two seniors Vivian Lin ’16 and Lauren Song ’16 leading them. The team believes that with this advantage, their dynamic will be strong. Program head Marge Chamberlain said that with everybody returning with improved skills, they will be looking forward to an outstanding season.

“This year we were lucky enough to not lose any players and to gain several new ones,” Josie Baker ’18 said. “Because we haven’t lost anyone, our team dynamic will be extra strong this season, and the freshmen joining this year will add further depth to the program.”

Last season, the team did not have any seniors, but this year, there will be two players, Song and Lin, who have been on the varsity team for all four years of high school.

“They have been on the team for a long time, they understand what it takes to commit to their goals and hopefully will have a great season ahead,” Chamberlain said.

Chamberlain stressed that it’s not about just an individual player standing out, but the whole team being strong together.

“Our culture is having a team. If all our players play well and commit to the process, we should compete heavily in the Mission League,” Chamberlain said.

Marlborough Mustangs joined the CIF-SS division for the first time last year and are a strong team that the Wolverines are working hard to overcome. The Wolverines stated that Marlborough has strong players that will lead to many close matches.

A few aspects that they would like to work on are improving their process and becoming more consistent to reach their goals individually and as a team.

“Our team is deep,” Chamberlain said. “This makes us different from the other teams in the league, who have two to three good players. We have six to eight good players.”

Chamberlain said that the squad has been practicing different skills and mental management exercises and believes that their efforts will pay off in the squad winning the championships.

“Winning is a product of our goals and our girls performing at their best level,” Chamberlain said. “Our players are good players. We just go out, and if we play well, the result is that we should win.”

The team lost one match by a score of 195-209 to Notre Dame on Sep. 24 last season, and ended up in second place in the final league tournament.