Student leaves to develop app

Jean Sanders

Daniel Singer ’17 left school in September to take a gap year to work on his new social networking app Bond, which will be released in the app store in October.

“Bond connects you to the people you should know,” Singer said. “If you’re at a bar, club, musical festival or party, and you’re being social, we can see everyone who’s there, and we can introduce you to someone interesting like a good friend would.”

Singer has been working on Bond with University of Southern California senior Shane Mileham since November of the previous year.

His decision to take time off high school was motivated by his desire to achieve his business goals while the techology industry continues to expand.

“Funding is super cheap because there’s not a very high demand for it, so it’s easy to make a bigger profit,” Singer said.

Singer’s previous business ventures include YouTell and Backchat, social networking apps that he ran with the support of both a team of coders and his parents, who have supported his technology startups since he began them in eighth grade.

Singer wrote an article for regarding his choice to take a gap year.

“At this point, I’m ready to try things on my own, without classes, syllabi and pop quizzes by immersing myself in topics that interest me, like product and design,” Singer wrote.

Singer plans to return as a junior the following year and graduate with the Class of 2018.