Former Attorney General of Indiana to speak to ethics class Monday

Connor Reese

Jeff Modisett (Haden ’16), the former Attorney General of Indiana, will speak to an ethics class Monday during 6th period about two cases: State of Indiana v. Michael Tyson and the Tobacco Master Settlement agreement.

Modisett was the prosecutor in the internationally famous State of Indiana v. Michael Tyson case in which Tyson was convicted of rape. He was also part of the negotiating team that reached a preliminary settlement with tobacco companies in 1997.

The settlement called for changes to the way cigarettes are marketed to the population. Modisett was the Chairman of the allocation committee that decided how to split up the $205 billion settlement throughout the country.

Modisett will discuss the issue of consent, evidence required to prove rape and the ethics of tobacco lawyering. The Ethics class is currently discussing whether certain laws, such as capital punishment, are ethically appropriate, according to English Teacher Malina Mamigonian.

“All are welcome to the talk: obviously, these are topics central to ethics,” Mamigonian said. “How does the law approach the issue of consent in a rape case? What are a corporation’s responsibilities to those to whom it seeks to sell a product? Is it morally permissible to lie, cheat, steal or take advantage of a person under particular circumstances? Currently, we are pondering issues from deontological and utilitarian standpoints.”