First quarter attendance improves from previous years

Sophie Cohen

Despite some recent traffic on Coldwater Canyon, first quarter has been the lowest amount of tardies recorded for a single quarter since the attendance office has been keeping records, Attendance Coordinator Gabriel Preciado said.

According to last year’s first quarter numbers alone, there was a significant 29 percent drop from last year’s first quarter tardies according to Preciado. The 2015 first quarter had a total of 494 tardies, and 209 were from students who were late to first period whereas last year had 643 total tardies, and 263 were from students who were late to first period.

“The number of tardies is not too distant from last year as far as first period tardies, but it appears that for other classes students have gotten better arrival times,” Preciado said.

Although Preciado said that any tardy is still a tardy, even for first period, and that the principle of time is important, he understands that  students who have a long commute may arrive late due to unavoidable traffic scenarios.

“First period will be first period but being on time for class is what is expected and this is a good indicator that students are arriving to class on time,” Preciado said.