Trailers to substitute for locker rooms during renovation

Claire Dennis

Four trailers placed near the track will temporarily function as locker and training rooms while the old facilities are renovated starting the first week of December.

Field sport athletes will use two of the trailers near the field for boy and girl locker rooms and the third trailer will be used as a general training room. Students who participate in gym sports will use the trailer on the field closest to Taper, which will have an interior divider so it can be used by boys and girls.

Head of Athletics Terry Barnum said the renovations are planned to be completed by the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year. Once finished, the new locker rooms will contain new lockers, meeting spaces and audio visual technology such as a new sound system and speakers.

The project is part of the school’s Institute for Scholastic Sports Science and Medicine which studies sports issues in students’ lives, and will increase the research capabilities of the program, Barnum said in an email.

The trailers contain chairs for athletes to rest on, but no lockers. Some of the equipment formerly located in the exercise room is going to be moved to the weight room, accessible to faculty and staff.

Teachers also had access to their own locker rooms, which will also be under renovation, so they will instead use nearby buildings .

Some students do not feel it will be an inconvenience having to use the trailers instead of locker rooms in the future.

“The trailers will be different and probably weird to get adjusted to, but I don’t think they will be too much of an inconvenience,” field hockey player Mia Reilly ’18 said. “It’s nice of the school to give us something to use at all while the locker rooms are being renovated.”