Deans ban spikeball games in the lounge

Ellis Becker

Deans recently banned students from playing spikeball in the student lounge after repeated playing of the game caused carpeting to tear.

Spikeball is a game in which two pairs of players throw, or “spike” a ball against a net on the ground, the object of which is to get a member of the opposing team to miss the net on his or her next throw.

The ban was put in place in early November, and it will continue indefinitely.

The student lounge was a popular place because of its spacious area for students, specifically the Spikeball Club, to play the game.

But because of the nature of spikeball and the involvement of stopping and sliding movements, the carpeting has begun to tear after the continual weeks of play.

The ban was put in place because of the wear and tear of the carpet.

“We could play on the field, but that is a little bit of a hassle during free periods. The lounge was just very easy and convenient,” said Spikeball Club leader Brady Engel ’16

Spikeball was also banned from being played on the grass area near Rugby Hall due to a similar incident involving damage to the grass.

The ban could hinder the club’s future plans, Engel said.