Girls’ Soccer looking strong


Press the advantage: Courtney Corrin dribbles the ball down the field in a match against Chaminade last year. Credit: Jonathan Seymour

Carina Marx

The girls’ soccer program is undergoing a few changes to strengthen the team’s dynamic both on the field and off the field. Instead of having a separate JV and varsity team, program head Richard Simms is integrating the two.

“We’re really working on becoming one team,” forward Anya Andrews ’17 said. “There’s a dual roster, so there are people who are playing for both JV and varsity this season.”

Simms hopes to translate that strong bond onto the field to improve communication skills. Players won’t know which team they’ll be playing with until directly before the game, and the two teams will practice as one no matter what.

The team is also starting to use the number system this year, which is calling positions by their numbers instead of by their names. This helps with ease of communication and clarity on the field.

“I think we can improve on keeping focus and not letting anything distract us when it comes to long and tough games, especially in CIF,” forward Paige Howard ’17 said. “We got caught taking mental breaks last year in important games and I think if we can play hard for a full game, then we will be successful.”

Players to watch this season are Howard, midfielder Courtney Corrin ’16, and goalie Lindsay Avant ’17.

Last year, the squad had a record of 15-3-1 overall and 8-0 in the league. The team lost five seniors, four of whom were college commits. The new seniors make up for the loss, though, as they are an extremely strong group.

Most of the team also plays soccer outside of school in clubs, including five freshmen and sophomores who play for Real So Cal. Last year, only two did. Real is a soccer program that focuses on the advancement of young players, and skills learned within this program will carry over into the Wolverine program.

The team’s first game is against Newbury Park Dec. 2.