Alex Astalos ’23 to play for Vassar College soccer team

Mason Walline

Alex Astalos ’23 committed to Vassar College’s Division III soccer program.
She said soccer has been an immense commitment for most of her life.
“Soccer has just been in my life forever.” Astalos said. “It’s really great to be at a level where now everybody really does care.”
She said the recruitment process only added to the workload of standard college applications.
“I’d say that the recruiting process is brutal,” Astalos said. “It’s a horrible process because the regular college application process is stressful enough.”
Astalos said Vassar College met all the characteristics she was looking for in a school.
“Once I started learning more about [Vassar College], it went onto our list,” Astolas said. “I’m just glad it worked out in the way that it did because it really checks all the boxes for me.”