Students to showcase ‘The Madwoman of Chaillot’

Tiffany Kim

Students will perform “The Madwoman of Chaillot” Feb. 5-7.
“The play was written at the end of the Second World War in France by a man who had grown up during the glorious ‘fin de siècle’ period in Paris and had lived to witness what must have seemed like, by 1943, the utter destruction of the world,” performing arts department chair and director Rees Pugh said. “In spite of this, he seems to have managed to find some hope for humanity amidst this horror. For a modern audience, and where we now sit in the midst of so much bad news about the world and our prospects for the future, the simple and hopeful message of this play reverberates for me. I hope it does so for our audience as well.”
The play was written by Jean Giraudoux and adapted by Pugh.
Auditions and call-backs took place the same week “West Side Story” closed, Nov. 10-13 in the Drama Lab. The show has 25 students in its cast. Students have had rehearsals Sundays through Thursdays since then.
“I feel that much of the message of the play is as relevant and pertinent today as it was when it was written in the 1940s,” Pugh said.