Ethics team wins regional competition

Kamala Durairaj

Ethics Bowl team members Cameron Cabo ’16, Nathan Lee ’16 and Kathleen Edmiston ’17 won first place at the National High School Ethics Bowl regional qualifying competition Jan. 30.

Students prepared to debate the ethical dilemmas of 15 different cases by doing the recommended research and discussing all pertinent moral issues relating to a situation. Participants competed in rounds where they presented an ethical argument, answered questions from judges and responded to their opponents. They were asked to evaluate the moral permissibility of specific cases, and their performance was then evaluated on a scored rubric.

Team members credit their success to the extensive preparation, thorough discussions and practice rounds moderated by their coaches, English teachers Charles Berezin and Malina Mamigonian.

“I think that our coaches were really helpful, and they definitely outlined exactly what we needed to do to win,” Edmiston said.

Both coaches were impressed with the critical agility and coherent arguments presented by students.

“Frankly, I am always ambivalent about competitions,” Berezin said. “I think addressing the ethical questions and understanding ethical categories is what is most valuable to me.”

They also believe that participating in ethics competitions is invaluable because it forces students to think with purpose.

The team is eligible to compete in the National High School Ethics Bowl due to their win at regionals.