13 one-acts chosen for Playwrights Festival

Anthony Weinraub

The 13 student-written plays selected for the 2016 Playwrights Festival were announced Saturday by performing arts teacher and Playwrights Festival producer Christopher Moore. Auditions for the festival will take place Tuesday and Wednesday after school in the drama lab, and performances of the plays will take place April 28-30. A 34-member committee, led by Moore, selected the one-acts out of the 32 submissions.


A list of the selected plays is below:

“Adoption” by Gillian Gurney ’17 and Jesse Nadel ’17

“As the Seasons Change” by Jenny Lange ’17

“Dark” by Kitty Luo ’18

“Delayed” by Sammi Handler ’17

“Girl Meets Boy and No One Cares” by Jared Gentile ’16

“Gwendolyn” by Dylan Schifrin ’16

“If You Squeeze Your Eyes Shut You Can See It Happening” by Emma Kofman ’16

“Legat” by Kenneth Noble ’16

“One Annoying Sister” by Josh Friedman ’16, Henry Roskin ’16 and Jack Stovitz ’16

“The 1997 Possession Park Massacre” by Jillian Sanders ’17

“The Hidden Empire” by Sabrina de Brito ’17

“The Kimono” by Sakura Price ’18

“When the Sun and The Moon Stood Still” by Chloe Shi ’16