Prefects elected for next school year


Matt Hogan ’17, who the juniors recently elected to serve as one of their senior prefects, gives his final speech in his campaign for prefect. Credit: Teresa Suh/Chronicle

Lara Mikhail

Upper school students voted Cate Wolfen ’17 and Matt Thomas ’17 Head Prefects for the 2016-2017 Prefect Council earlier this month.

The senior prefects will be Lauren Genender ’17, Carolyn Hong ’17, Jordan Khorsandi ’17 and Matt Hogan ’17.

The juniors will be represented by Julia Cosgrove ’18, Princie Kim ’18, JP Cherry ’18 and Wilder Short ’18.

Elections for head prefect began with a primary round. The finalists were Lexi Block ’17, Wolfen, Thomas and Khorsandi.

After the first round, they delivered speeches to sophomores and juniors before spring break.

“Next year on Prefect Council, I hope to inspire all the other prefects to have a passion about being prefect, and I hope I can make a lasting, positive impact on Harvard-Westlake,” Thomas said.

As Head Prefect, he will serve as one of the chairs of the Honor Board, lead meetings and oversee their projects.

During their class meeting April 19, sophomores heard speeches from junior prefect candidates, who in addition to those elected included Adele Chi ’18, Brittany Hong ’18, Pavan Tauh ’18, Eli Timoner ’18 and current sophomore prefect Ari Yaron ’18.

The junior class had their class meeting April 20.

Candidate statements were posted outside Chalmers before the elections so that students could learn what to expect during the speeches. This year’s Head Prefects, Hunter Brookman ’16 and Grace Pan ’16, used the statements to formulate questions for the candidates.

Prefects plan events throughout the year to improve student life, such as food trucks on campus and March Madness. Members also serve on the Honor Board and manage the budget for school clubs.