Seniors to play in last concert of the year

Jiwon Park

Seniors in Symphony Orchestra will perform Terry Riley’s musical piece “In C” outdoors on the Feldman-Horn plaza beginning at 4:30 p.m. May 31.
This will be the seniors’ last concert.

As a tradition, seniors have performed “In C” in past years for the senior art festival.

“In C” will be the only performing arts portion of the senior art show itself. “In C” does not have a set duration, but the concert will last about 40 minutes, overlapping slightly with the senior art show in Feldman Horn gallery.

“It’s fascinating how seemingly mundane notes on the page turn into captivating lyrical lines,” principal cellist Jaebok Lee ’16 said. “The piece requires a lot of creativity and flexibility from everyone. We have to experiment with rhythm individually and somehow make music together as a whole group.”