HR head retires after 25 years

Claire Dennis

Director of Human Resources Marty Greco will retire in June after 25 years at Harvard-Westlake. Caitlin Adams will fill her position.
Greco has been working at the school since 1991.

“I’ve enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment that I’ve had in this position, because everything that I do to make the lives of our faculty, staff and employees easier means they have more time to teach and help the students, and that is the number one priority here,” Greco said.

In her new position, Adams will assist newly hired and departing employees and execute employment and departure agreements, as well as field questions from existing faculty and staff regarding employment-related issues.

Adams worked for 10 years as Director of Human Resources at the Broad Foundation, a Los Angeles non-profit group of philanthropies focused on making grants in education and the arts.

“I’m looking forward to getting to know people,” Adams said. “I’m getting to know the school. It is a great institution, and I’m looking forward to learning from what has made this organization so great for so long.”

The main difference between working in a traditional non-profit organization and a school is the calendar, Adams said.

Adams began working alongside Greco in March to prepare her for the position and said she is grateful for the training Greco has provided so far.

“I am very impressed with everything [Greco] has done,” Adams said. “She has been very forthcoming with information and knowledge that she has gained here over the past 25 years.”
Greco said she is confident in Adams’ ability to succeed her.

“[Adams] has a really solid background in human resources, which is something she learned on the job. I learned it on the job, too, but she is far more up to date on things,” Greco said.