Chinese teacher to join Massachusetts school

Ellis Becker

Upper and middle school Chinese teacher Tiantian Wang will leave to teach Chinese at Middlesex School in Massachusetts.

Wang has taught Chinese III and Chinese III Honors at the Upper School for five years, as well as Chinese II at the Middle School.

“The five years I spent at Harvard-Westlake were precious to me,” Wang said. “I will cherish the memory of all my students and colleagues. I think Harvard-Westlake is a great school to work at.”

Wang had commuted between the upper and middle school campuses each day.

Her departure, therefore, will leave a large hole in both campuses’ Chinese programs.

“[Wang] is very knowledgeable while at the same time making class very fun and creative,” Ryan O’Donnell ’18 said. “I think she is a great teacher.”

Wang will join Middlesex School to be one of two Chinese teachers in the growing Chinese program.

“The Chinese Department prepares students linguistically and culturally to interact in a modern Chinese context,” the Middlesex School website said. “The objective is to cultivate a level of competency in Chinese through which students can communicate in a variety of settings.”

Fellow Chinese teacher Yi Jiang will also leave the school, making an even bigger gap for the new Chinese teachers and current teacher Kun Li to fill.

“[Li] will do a great job taking over for [Wang],” Jared Goldman ’18 said. “She is a caring person who always makes sure her students understand the lessons.”

Li previously taught Chinese I and Chinese III at the Middle School.

She will now take over the duties Wang held this year.

Li will begin the same routine Wang did, commuting between the upper and middle school campuses each day to teach classes at both campuses.

In the coming year, she will begin teaching Chinese III, Chinese III Honors and Chinese II.