Musical accepts all students who auditioned

Danielle Spitz

Performing arts teacher Ted Walch informed students who auditioned for the fall musical “Les Misérables” that everyone would have a role in the show. Walch made the decision along with performing arts teacher Michele Spears and temporary performing arts teacher Daniel Faltus.

“The time we were able to spend with each of you individually persuaded us that every single one of you has something to bring to the show,” Walch said in an email sent to students who auditioned for the musical.

Callbacks were held from Sept. 6 to 7, and performances will be on Nov. 4, 5 and 6.

“I’m glad that he’s giving everyone an opportunity to participate in the show, because I think it’s a really amazing experience,” Tarin North ’18 said. “I’ve auditioned for things in the past and haven’t gotten them, so I know how hard people can take that, and this gives an opportunity to people to be in the show that might not otherwise be in it.”