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Ian Mitchell King (center, partially obscured), registered sex offender, joined the Studio City Neighborhood Council on Aug. 16.
Studio City Neighborhood Council members resign
Max Turetzky, Assistant Opinion Editor • September 22, 2023

11 members of the Studio City Neighborhood Council (SCNC) resigned Aug. 21 after Ian Mitchell King, a newly seated councilmember, was revealed...

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Performing arts department releases Les Miserables cast list


Jean Valjean                Henry Platt

Javert                           Ben Pimstone

Fantine                        Natalie Kroh

Eponine                       Elizabeth Gaba

Cosette                        Maya Hinkin

Marius                         Jack Nordstrom

Enjolras                       Michael Gaven

Thenardier                   Casey Giolito

Mme Thenardier          Natalie Musicant

Bishop                         Jordan Yadegar

Convict #1                  Tosh Le

Convict #2                  Harry Garvey

Convict #3                  Russell Davis

Convict #4                  Eli Timoner

Convict #5                  Justyn Chang

Chain Gang                 Liam Daniels, Griffin Gunn-Myers, Charles Kogen

Farmer             Catherine Crouch

Laborer                        Alex Goldstein

Constable #1               Will Newhart

Constable #2               Ari Yaron

Foreman                      Jacob Tucker

Worker #1                   Odessa Chiklis

Worker #2                   Becca Frischling

Woman                        Evan Keare

Girl #1                         Charlotte Weinman

Girl #2                         Tarin North

Girl #3                         Maddy Harbert

Girl #4                         Angel Hoyang

Girl #5                         Cate Wolfen

Factory Girls               All Other Women (except Gaba, Hinkin, Musicant, Winters)

Sailor #1                      Will Newhart

Sailor #2                      Ari Yaron

Sailor #3                      Charles Kogen

Old Woman                Sophie Kim

Whore #1                    Caroline Cook

Whore #2                    Rachel Grode

Whore #3                    Carmen Levine

Whores/Prostitutes      Lily Beckinsale-Sheen, Shana Brindze, Gisele Chu, Avery Keare, Jenny Lange,                                                       Esther Ollivier

Pimp                            Jessica Grody

Bamatabois                 Eli Timoner

Fauchelevant               Griffin Gunn-Myers

Onlooker #1                Avery Keare

Onlooker #2                Gisele Chu

Onlooker #3                Shana Brindze

Onlooker #4                Lily Beckinsale-Sheen

Young Cosette            Natalie Winters

Babet                           Tosh Le

Brujon                         Alex Goldstein

Claquesous                  Shana Brindze

Montparnasse           Harry Garvey

Thenardiers’ Gang      Evan Keare, Griffin Gunn-Myers

In Thenardiers’ Inn     Thenardiers’ Gang (including Babet, Brujon, Claquesous, Montparnasse), Justyn Chang, Odessa Chiklis, Catherine Crouch, Liam Daniels, Becca Frischling, Maddy Harbert, Angel Hoyang, Sophie Kim, Charles Kogen, Will Newhart, Tarin North, Eli Timoner, Jacob Tucker, Charlotte Weinman, Cate Wolfen, Jordan Yadegar, Ari Yaron

Beggar Soloists           Jenny Lange, Esther Ollivier

Solo Urchin                 Liam Daniels

Grantaire                     Will Newhart

Feuilly                         Ari Yaron

Joly                              Justyn Chang

Combeferre                 Liam Daniels

Courfeyrac                  Jordan Yadegar

Prouvaire                     Jacob Tucker

Lesgles                        Charles Kogen

Other Students            Russell Davis, Harry Garvey, Griffin Gunn-Myers, Tosh Le, Eli Timoner

Gavroche                     To be cast

Army Officer              To be cast

Woman #1                   Jessica Grody

Woman #2                   Caroline Cook

Woman #3                   Becca Frischling

Woman #4                   Cate Wolfen

Other Women             Odessa Chiklis, Angel Hoyang, Tarin North, Charlotte Weinman

Major Domo                Eli Timoner

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Performing arts department releases Les Miserables cast list