Prefect Council to hold Homecoming Formal

Meera Sastry

Upper School students will attend the fourth annual Homecoming Formal dance in the Taper Gymnasium Saturday.

Prefect Council will host the dance, which will start outdoors at 7 p.m., running until 11 p.m. All attending students must be in the gym by 7:30 p.m., sophomore prefect Ryan Stanford ’19 said. Students must stay on campus until it concludes at 11 p.m., as in previous years. The attire will be formal.

In addition to the dance area in the gym, the event will extend to the outdoor walkway leading up to the quad. There will be cocktail tables and couches along the walkway so students have the option to sit outside. This extended outdoor space was not available in previous years.

“We’re encouraging students to utilize the outside space, as well as what’s going to be going on in the gym,” Stanford said.

Other attractions stationed outside include multiple photo booths, a fortune teller and a magician.

There will be light appetizers and a candy bar for food, instead of a full meal provided as in the past.

“I’m excited because I’ll be going with a friend of mine and I think it’ll be really fun,” Matteo Lauto ’18 said. “Everyone from school will be there and it’ll be a good time. I think it’s going to be a great event.”