Fanatics to use alumnus’ app

Jenny Li

The Fanatics plan to use former Head Fanatic and soccer captain Matthew Glick’s ’14 new app, Gipper, to feature sports highlights.

Gipper is a sports highlights phone app which allows users to upload short video clips of moments from every sport. Videos can be filtered by school or by sport, and they can be shared through various social media sites.

“I did some research and thought it was really cool,” Varsity soccer player Griffin Fenady ’17 said. “The app itself is a great way to spread sports highlights from the high school to the professional level. No other apps I’ve seen are as dedicated to sports highlights and as unique as Gipper.”

Glick said he came up with the idea during the entrepreneurship section of the Business of Life class his senior year. He started the year-long process to develop the app his freshman year, which led to its release in the Apple Store Aug. 1.

“The role of being Head Fanatic helped me understand how important sports are, especially to the individual communities and schools,” Glick said. “Sports have probably been the number one constant in my life. Seeing how exciting the content can be definitely correlated the vision for the act.”

In support of their former captain, soccer players have been using and promoting Gipper to raise awareness of the app.

“Glick was a mentor to many of us younger players,” Varsity soccer player Ethan Blaser ’17 said. “We look out for all members of the soccer community, both past and present. His app is really cool, and we are doing our part to help it get the publicity it deserves.”

To encourage more of the community to use the app, Glick’s company is providing the Fanatics $100 for every 50 downloads made by students to be put towards future sports events and games.

To download the app while also fundraising for the Fanatics, students must use a specialized link in the Fanatic’s Facebook page so they can be counted as downloads coming from the school.

“The Fanatics are very excited to use and promote Gipper because it is a very cool and fun app to see snippets of sports plays from the high school level to the pros,” Head Fanatic Kent Sheridan ’17 said. “We are stoked to be helping relay this app into the Harvard-Westlake community.”

Glick said he is looking forward to tracking the app’s success and is hoping to expand Gipper to more high schools.

“I’m super excited that they’re on board and using the app,” Glick said. “I’m excited for the future, and I hope that Gipper becomes the sports app for Harvard-Westlake and high schools in general.”