Cheer practice cut short due to complaints

Alex Goldstein

Complaints from neighbors forced cheerleading practice to be cut short Oct. 14 during their scheduled practice time.

The team was practicing for their Homecoming dance, which they performed the next day.

The practice was scheduled for 7 to 8 p.m, but before the end of practice the cheer team was asked to leave the field by security guards. When the team did not leave the field and continued to rehearse, the guards proceeded to shut off the lights while they were still dancing.

Security guards received complaints from neighbors, who called to complain about the noise coming from campus. The practice took place at the same time as football games usually happen.

“I thought it wasn’t very fair because we always have football games on Friday nights anyway and our practice was at the same time as the game would have been,” cheerleader Emma Sesar ’18 said.