Students react with shock, confusion to election


Jake Neuman ’18 reviews the results of the election after Donald Trump was named the next President. Credit: Danielle Spitz/Chronicle

Danielle Spitz

Confusion, shock and disbelief are some of the words students are using to describe their reactions to the presidential election on Nov. 8. After Donald Trump became the president-elect Tuesday night, students have been registering the news in different ways.

“I’m honestly appalled by the election,” Grace Dennis ’19 said. “I think it’s been messy and sort of embarrassing for our country, and I’m honestly disappointed that this has been the result.”

Diego Ayala ’18 said he has noticed a depressed and unanimated tone among the students and faculty, and that he is still in a state of denial.

“This morning I woke up and I thought I was having hallucinations, to be honest,” Ayala said. “I couldn’t believe what had happened because I have been so sure for the last year who was going to win. I thought Hillary was going to win before she was even nominated. It’s very difficult to describe the feeling that you have when everything you’ve been expecting regarding the political future of the country for the past year is completely overturned.”

Describing Trump as belligerent, homophobic, misogynistic and racist, Nicole Bahar ’18 said she feels like she is living in a nightmare and is waiting for someone to wake her up.

“I am a minority, I’m Persian, and according to Trump, I am deemed not only dangerous to this country but unwelcome, and that scares me,” Bahar said. “I do travel back to Iran pretty often, and it scares me knowing that there is a possibility that it would be difficult for me to come back to a country that I’m a citizen of, and it honestly makes me sick to my stomach. Hopefully, this can spark some sort of positive change in government and people can see the mistake that they’ve made.”