Students run cancer project

Danielle Spitz

Touched by her mother’s battle with stage four breast cancer, Kelly Morrison ’16 initiated a video campaign to raise awareness about the disease.

Commissioned by Morrison to produce a video for the project because of her interest in film, Jillian Sanders ’17 worked to highlight the truths about breast cancer and statistics about stage four breast cancer specifically.

The video will be posted on social media to spread the word to a large audience.

“Although there’s awareness about breast cancer in general, people don’t know enough about where their money goes when they donate,” Sanders said. “Though we may know what breast cancer is, we don’t know how many women it affects and, more importantly, kills.”

In a senior class meeting Dec. 9, Morrison urged students to join her movement to educate the public about the need for stage four breast cancer research and funding.

She said stage four cancer receives two percent of funding but is the only stage that has a risk of mortality.

Sanders said the project is important to her because as a girl and someone who has women in her life who are very important to her, she believes it is vital that people are informed about the facts of breast cancer and what they can do to enact change.

Sanders said she wants the video to educate its viewers about the severity of the cause.

“I hope that every person who sees our video understands something about breast cancer that they didn’t know before, and I hope they do whatever they can to reach out and help fight back,” Sanders said.