Michael Sheen speaks at Cinema Sunday

Cameron Stokes

Actor Michael Sheen (Lily Beckinsale-Sheen ’17) shared his experience working on the film ‘Frost/Nixon’ after the screening of his movie during the year’s second Cinema Sunday in Ahmanson Theater.

“Because of the rain, Mr. Walch and I had a bet going on how many people would show up and actually it was more than the first one, than the ‘You Can Count on Me’, which was the first of this year,” Wilder Short ’18 said.

According to Performing Arts teacher Ted Walch, Sheen talked about the movie and took questions from the audience about what it was like to play the part of a real person. Sheen has played multiple real people throughout his career and described the process of understanding how to accurately portray these characters.

‘Frost/Nixon’ is about the interviews between David Frost and President Richard Nixon after the Watergate scandal. These interviews were the first and only time Nixon admitted to wrongdoing during the scandal.

“The thing that I loved about Michael was that he was very honest and he was very laid back,” Short said. “I wouldn’t say that he carried this air of ‘Oh, I’m an actor’. It really was just a discussion about his experience working with ‘Frost/Nixon’ in general and I think it was one of my favorites.”