Valiant victory in victor valley

Katie Perrin

Boys’ and girls’ varsity epee and saber fencers competed at the Victor Valley High School event of the Southern California Scholastic Fencing League Tournament Dec. 4.

Kimberly Kimura ’19 placed first in the varsity girl’s epee league at the competition.

Varsity Girls’ Saber Captain Sylvie Sanders ’17 placed second in the league for women’s saber and advanced to the Gold Medal Bout where she was defeated by a Marlborough fencer.

“My performance wasn’t as good as I would have wished,” Sanders said. “I got second overall, but lost by one touch to win to tournament. There’s always next time though.”

Varsity Boys’ Foil Captain Dylan Faulcon ’18 placed second in the league for men’s epee, advancing to the Gold Medal Bout but was defeated by VAPA Legacy in the final bout.

“Since epee wasn’t my main sport, I was not expecting to do totally well,” Faulcon said. “I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to be so competitive and have such good results. I was very pleased that my skills in one event crossed over and were successful in another.”

Varsity boys’ fencer David Ahn ’18 placed fifth in the league for saber, Charles Connen ’18 placed ninth for epee and captain of varsity boy’s epee Noam Ringach ’17 placed tenth for epee.

For girls’ varsity epee, Shana Brindze ’19 placed sixth in the league, Sophie Kim ’19 placed seventh , and Elly Hong ’17 placed eighth. Zohar Levy ’18 placed eighth saber.

The varsity girls’ and boys’ foil teams will compete for formal awards at the Upper School Jan. 22 as part of the tournament, and the varsity boys’ and girls’ epee and saber teams are set to compete again March 19 at the Upper School campus.

The Wolverines are looking forward to competing at the tournament on home turf later this month and in March.

“It’s really fun to have [events] here finally,” Ringach said. “We’ve been feeling really good about it and practicing twice a week after school. We’ve been doing really well and are all very excited.”