Fencing Competes for Second Foil

James Lassiter

Fencing is one of the few Harvard-Westlake sports that competes year round. This season the team is looking to become back to back league champions.

There are three different fencing divisions based off of the on the weapon blade used.The most basic of the swords, épée, has a hand guard and touches could be scored on any part of the body. Like in the épée division, in the foil division touches are scored points are only scored by contact from the tip of the blade. The foil blade has a flat guard and fencers wear a lamé, which is a mesh shirt that covers the player’s torso. The sabre blade fencers also wear lamé, but it covers the player’s entire upper body.
Sabre Fencer Coco Kaleel ’20 placed 2nd at the first Scholastic Women’s Sabre tournament of the year.

“The team has been doing a lot more conditioning than last year, focusing on improving endurance and strength,” said Coco Kaleel. “This should help the team compete more consistently and place higher per individual.”

Although fencing is an individual sport, the team fences in tournaments in three different division and with different weapons. Each of the divisions has two teams making a total of In order to fulfill their goal of winning the league championship again the team has started focus on conditioning.