Artist collaborates with Photography I students

Sophie Haber

Photography I students logged onto Skype Friday to learn about documentary photography from Montreal-based photographer Tema Stauffer.

“It’s always beneficial for students to get a fresh perspective on course material being offered by someone outside of our everyday school environment,” photography teacher Joe Medina said. “Especially by someone as authentic and established as Tema.”

Stauffer’s work has been featured in galleries, including the Jen Bekman Gallery in New York City, and worked as an Assistant Professor of Photography at Concordia University in Montreal.

For their next project, students will choose a photograph by Stauffer and will create a new image by responding to its subject, mood, color, light or gesture. Students will post their responses on Instagram, where Stauffer will provide feedback.

“She has this picture of a red house, so I’m responding with the theme of what’s inside my home,” photography student KK Bishop ’19 said. “I’m excited to see what she thinks, and I’m excited to focus on taking pictures of my family because I’ve never done that before.”

In addition to responding to Stauffer’s work, students will create their own documentary projects based on an issue, location or subject of their choice, after which Stauffer will offer her insight.

“It’s really fascinating being able to work with an actual college professor and get her advice,” photography student Lauren Witmer ’19 said. “We can learn a lot from her experience in the professional world and apply it to our school lives.”