Alumni co-create ‘The Mick’ TV show

Emory Kim

David Chernin ’03 and John Chernin ’02 created the TV show “The Mick,” which first aired Jan. 1. “The Mick” is about a woman, Mickey, who is left with the guardianship of her niece Sabrina and her nephews Chip and Ben after her sister and brother-in-law flee the country.

One of the sitcom’s episodes, “The Snitch,” which aired on FOX Feb. 7, was inspired by Harvard-Westlake’s Honor Board, David Chernin said. Chip is forced to come in front of an honor board after his principal caught him looking at a racy photo.

When asked if Harvard-Westlake’s Honor Board had inspired the episode, David Chernin confirmed the inspiration on Twitter and said he was “glad to hear the Harvard-Westlake judicial system is still intact #yousnitchyoudie.”