Concert to promote tolerance

Sarah Lee

Advanced Dance II students, as well as 25 guest dancers, will hold their annual concert March 3-5. Though the concert’s theme has not been revealed yet, performing arts teacher Cynthia Winter said that the concept of the show was created in response to current events.
“We hope it makes us all appreciate one another even more,” Winter said.
The company choreographed the show during first semester and has been rehearsing since winter break.
Dancer Tess Haber ’17 said the rehearsals double as a bonding experience because of the amount of time the dancers spend together.
“We try as a company and as a group to really be there and support one another,” Haber said.
Since the theme was drawn from current events, some dancers say the concert has a personal meaning.
Haber, for example, feels that the show is about coming together.
“I hope that everyone walks away with a better understanding of people that may be different from themselves and having a more open mind, and just in general, being a more of a kind person,” Haber said.
On the other hand, Angel Hoyang ’18 said that, to her, the concert is about positivity. However, she also said that this year’s concert is one filled with intense emotion.
“There is one dance where there is going to be a lot of anger,” Hoyang said. “It’s really freeing to be able to be angry on stage and show how you’re feeling.”
Hoyang says that she hopes the emotion in the concert helps the audience learn to become more sympathetic and reflect on their own feelings.
“It’ll be a sort of catharsis, but also a time when the audience can feel appreciated,” Hoyang said.