History journal publishes student’s term paper

Patrick Ryan

A history paper written by Sarah Novicoff ’14 has been published in the Concord Review, a history journal that publishes strictly high school papers four times a year. Her paper, titled “Isolationism to Internationalism: The Foreign Policy of Theodore Roosevelt” was featured in the spring edition of this year’s journal.

“It’s basically about the way that Teddy Roosevelt’s foreign policy, in regards to five different areas around the globe changed the way that the American foreign policy overall looked,” she said.

Novicoff was prompted by history teacher Francine Werner to submit her paper, which she had used for her AP United States History course. Novicoff’s paper is the first Harvard-Westlake student’s paper to be published by the journal in several years and the fifth Harvard-Westlake paper ever to be published.

“I was really excited about it,” I wasn’t expecting anything because it doesn’t happen all that often,” Novicoff said.

Novicoff had to nearly double the length of the paper, and spent two weeks over the summer improving it.

“I actually invested a lot of time with the paper because after I had written it for my class and [Werner] told me to submit it, I looked on [Concord Review’s] website and one of the things they say is that it really should be quite long,” Novicoff said.

Werner was very happy about the paper getting published, Novicoff said.

The Concord Review also published student papers from China, Switzerland and Singapore in the spring edition.

Novicoff plans to pursue a history major in college.

“I think that studying the past is fascinating,” Novicoff said. “The past affects the present and everything we do is affected by everything that came before us, so when we look at the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan today, there are 1000 things that went into it, but one of those is really ‘When did we go towards internationalism?’”