Eric Garcetti ’88 wins second term as L.A. Mayor

Anthony Weinraub

Incumbent Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti ’88 won reelection Tuesday in an election marked by low turnout.

Garcetti decisively defeated his 10 challengers, earning approximately 81 percent of the vote.

Garcetti campaigned on his record as mayor, which included raising the minimum wage and lowering business taxes. Garcetti was endorsed by former President Barack Obama and the Los Angeles Times.

Garcetti has said that his time at Harvard School taught him the importance of education, another focus of his campaign.

“Without question I would not be mayor today of the largest city in the largest state of the greatest nation on the face of the Earth if it wasn’t for what I learned on this campus,” Garcetti said at an all-school assembly in March 2015.

Garcetti said that history teacher Dave Waterhouse’s AP United States Government and Politics class was where he became interested in politics.

At the school, Garcetti was involved in Junior State of America, a national civic engagement organization where members debate current political issues.

Prior to becoming mayor, Garcetti served as a member of the Los Angeles City Council from 2001 to 2013. He was president of the council from 2006 to 2012.

Garcetti graduated from Columbia University in 1992, studied at London School of Economics and was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University.