Nick Melvoin ’04 to compete in LAUSD runoff

Noa Schwartz

Alum and District Four L.A. Unified School District board candidate Nick Melvoin ’04 will compete in a runoff with incumbent District 4 School Board President Steve Zimmer after a second place finish in municipal elections Tuesday.

Melvoin, who campaigned promising to modernize the district and improve fiscal transparency, garnered 31 percent of the vote, beating opponents Allison Holdorff Polhill and Gregory Martayan. Zimmer won 47 percent of the vote.

Due the fact that many members of the district were uninformed about the election, Melvoin said he worked for months in advance to make his candidacy known with frequent speaking appearances and fundraising.

Intern for Melvoin’s campaign Shelby Weiss ’16 said she is honored to be part of Melvoin’s team because her experience has made her part of something larger than herself.

“I am so proud of what Nick has accomplished so far, and I am very excited about what he has yet to do,” Weiss said. “In the next few months, we will be focused on getting the word out about the runoff, trying to garner support from those who supported [Polhill] this time around and continuing to get Nick’s message out.”

Voters will elect either Melvoin or Zimmer in a runoff on May 16.