‘The Za’ hosts fundraiser for Pizza 4 Patriots

Alexandra So

Joseph Levin ’17, Andrew Berg ’17 and Justin Ciccone ’17 hosted the Tel-Za-Thon, a 12-hour broadcast on KHWS, on Saturday to fundraise for Pizza 4 Patriots, breaking two Guinness World Records in the process.

The charity Pizza 4 Patriots was founded by former Air Force Sergeant Mark Evans to provide pizza to veterans and troops overseas. Their mission is to provide “America’s favorite food” to those away from home.

“We talked to former Green Beret Nate Boyer today on the show and he said that getting little care packages like these is really helpful to get through the war,” Ciccone said. “Pizza is our favorite food and we thought what a better way to give back. We love pizza, we love America, it seemed like a natural fit.”

Donations to this charity were made by cash donations and through a GoFundMe page, which together raised over $2,100. The top 3 donors will receive a package of deep dish pizzas, while the top 10 donors will be receiving Pizza 4 Patriot hats from Evans.

“We were just happy that we were able to help raise some money to help out our troops,” Levin said. “It’s because of those guys overseas right now and those back home that have served that we’re able to do things like have a marshmallow eating contest on a radio show. So, since pizza is our favorite food, sharing a comfort food like pizza with them sounded like a perfect way to say thanks.”

The broadcast was hosted from Berg’s backyard and included various activities to raise money, including Berg jumping off the roof into his pool and turning Ciccone into a pizza.

During the broadcast, Levin broke the record of most pies to the face in one minute and the broadcast itself broke a record being the longest single broadcast of a high school student internet radio show.

“I can’t emphasize enough just how much respect and pride I have in our nation’s armed services,” Levin said. “Any little way that we can give back is worth it.”