Students shoot hoops in March Madness tournament


Jack Shane ’18 holds the basketball while competing in the March Madness tournament March 27. Credit: Alex Goldstein/Chronicle

Alex Goldstein

To commemorate March Madness, Prefect Council hosted the school’s own basketball tournament in Taper Gym on Monday during Activities.

The winning team, Team BBS, was made up of Ali Iken ’17, Josh Lyons ’17, Dustin Jones ’17 and Quinton Simmonds ’17.

The tournament consisted of 16 teams, with each ranging from 2 to 4 players.

“When we formed the team I kind of just grabbed people who were around me and I think we had fun,” Taia Cheng ’19 said.

The gym was sectioned off into four courts, allowing four separate games to be played at the same time.

“I thought the four courts were fun because they mirrored the actual March Madness and it was really fun to jump from game to game,” Bella Carino ’19 said.

Prefect Council came up with and executed the idea of a tournament at school. In preparation for the tournament, Prefect Council worked closely with the maintenance staff and with Athletic Director of Summer School Sports Programs Darlene Bible to coordinate all the details for the event.

“Prefect Council decided to create this tournament as we thought it would be a fun way to get people excited for March Madness,” Senior Prefect Carolyn Hong ’17 said. “We had never done something like this in the past, so we thought it would be a fun way to get the community involved.”

Some students felt the tournament was a good way to bring the community together.

“Especially because we don’t have dodgeball at the Upper School and we have it at the Middle School, it was a good bonding [opportunity] for the community,” Carino said.