Feulner to leave science department

Sophie Haber

After 37 years at the school, physics teacher John Feulner will retire to the Pennsylvania countryside. In addition to teaching physics, during his time at the school, Feulner has been Chair of the Building Committee, Head of the Science Department and a middle school science teacher.
“I had no idea when I took the job here that I’d be leaving after 37 years,” Feulner said. “For teaching, it doesn’t get any better than this school, both Harvard School originally and then Harvard-Westlake. The way they treat their faculty is tremendous, and the way the students treat their teachers is tremendous.”
As Chair of the Building Committee, Feulner oversaw the creation of the Kutler Center and other projects.
Now, Feulner focuses time on teaching, and is known for the themed shirts that he wears.
Feulner said that although he will miss his time at the school, he is looking forward to moving closer to family in Pennsylvania, working on his music and having more time to drive his cars.
“I’ve been very fortunate, especially in teaching Physics C Mechanics, to work with the most motivated and gifted students, and it’s just been a real honor to work with young people of that caliber,” Feulner said. “It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve been very pleased.”