626 students participate in AP examinations

Eugenia Ko

A total of 626 students this past school year took 1,736 Advanced Placement exams, the highest number of exams in recent history. 91 percent of students received passing scores of 3, 4 or 5. Six middle school students also took four BC Calculus and two Computer Science A exams and all scored 5’s.

“It’s unusual for us to have four students who are ready to take AP Calculus — unusual, but it is not unknown,” Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts said. “We are able to meet the needs of those students when that becomes necessary. We have teachers down there who are completely qualified to teach these subjects.”

Eleven students passed AP exams in European History, Italian Language and Culture and Psychology, all courses not offered in the Harvard-Westlake curriculum.

Despite the curriculum change two years ago and an entirely new test, 99 percent of the 197 students who took Biology passed by receiving a score of three or higher. All 55 students who took either of the Physics Courses (Mechanics, and Electricity and Magnetism) earned 4’s or 5’s.