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Connecting in new ways

Connecting in new ways

Eugenia Ko September 1, 2015

Every year we hear that journalism is a dying profession. Even though our traditional 32-page print paper has set the standard for high school journalists across the country, the time has come to accept...

Community wears denim to raise awareness

Eugenia Ko April 29, 2015

Students, faculty and staff were asked to wear jeans for Denim Day today in order to raise awareness about rape and sexual assault. Trishta Dordi ’15 brought Denim Day to the school during her freshman...

Faculty, staff re-elect Schuhl to 2nd term

Angela Chon April 29, 2015

Science teacher Dietrich Schuhl will begin a second term as Dean of Faculty and Staff next year. Schuhl was first elected by upper school faculty and staff in 2013 for the two-year term and was re-elected...

Let’s talk about feminism (the right way)

Eugenia Ko April 29, 2015

A part of me really wants to shrink behind Emma Watson and let her do the talking. Although the actress’ speech at the U.N. conference in January introducing the HeForShe campaign, a solidarity movement...

Students elect 2015-2016 Prefect Council members

Eugenia Ko April 29, 2015

Prefect Council announced the results of the 2015-2016 prefect elections in an e-mail April 23. The senior prefects are Helene Miles, Jordan Strom, Shelby Weiss and Adam Yaron. The junior prefects are...

Photo illustration by Chronicle staff.

Turning a blind eye to cheating

Eugenia Ko April 29, 2015

Stacey ’16* “didn’t want to be a snitch.” In her eighth period class, the statement on the wall reads, “I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this assignment.” Stacey looks...

School experiences power outage

Eugenia Ko April 28, 2015

The Sherman Oaks area experienced a power outage yesterday that affected Seaver, Rugby, Munger and Mudd Library, plant manager Dave Mintz said. Mintz said only about two-thirds of the school relies on...

Prefect Council announces election results

Eugenia Ko April 23, 2015

Prefect Council announced the 2015-2016 prefects in an e-mail April 23. The senior prefects are Helene Miles, Jordan Strom, Shelby Weiss and Adam Yaron. The junior prefects are Lexi Block, Charlie Noxon,...

Prefect candidates discuss campaign platforms at Prefect Election Fair

Eugenia Ko April 13, 2015

Junior and senior prefect candidates displayed their campaign platforms at the first-ever Prefect Election Fair during break. Junior prefect Grace Pan said the Prefect Council is hoping to change many...

Science teacher to depart after 5 years

Eugenia Ko March 18, 2015

AP Environmental Science teacher Florence Pi will not be teaching next year and instead will take a break to travel in Africa. Pi has been teaching for five years at Harvard-Westlake, four of which were...

President’s Spotlight honors aid recipients

Eugenia Ko March 18, 2015

Nearly 300 alumni and parents and 10 students on financial aid attended the annual President’s Spotlight Dinner March 9. "It is a wonderful way to honor [the students on financial aid] and impart the...

Two seniors attend AIPAC conference

Eugenia Ko March 18, 2015

Ari Berman ’15 and Jules Gross ’15 attended the American Israel Public Affairs Committee policy conference March 1 in Washington, D.C. The conference includes daily general sessions with up to 16,000...

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