Prefect Council announces election results

Eugenia Ko

Prefect Council announced the 2015-2016 prefects in an e-mail April 23.

The senior prefects are Helene Miles, Jordan Strom, Shelby Weiss and Adam Yaron.

The junior prefects are Lexi Block, Charlie Noxon, Matt Thomas and Cate Wolfen.

Hunter Brookman and Grace Pan were elected head prefects before spring break.

Yaron was elected as a male senior prefect in the first round, but students voted in a run-off election between William Ruppenthal and Strom.

Siddarth Kucheria, Brandon Lim, Kelly Morrison, Brendan Sanderson, Dietrich Tribull and Nina Woythaler also ran for senior prefect.

Serena Davis, James Kanoff, Emma Kateman, Jordan Khorsandi, Alyson Lo, William Park, Kevin Wesel and Nick Witham ran for junior prefect.

Candidates for junior and senior prefect campaigned at the first-ever Prefect Election Fair during break April 13. Students viewed the candidates’ platforms, which were later displayed in the lounge.

Pan said the Prefect Council is hoping to change many aspects of the prefect election process for future years.