Going down in history: history department adds two new classes

Alex Goldstein

The History Department brought back the Advanced Placement World History class after it was omitted from last year’s curriculum and added an additional AP Human Geography course.

History teacher David Waterhouse said the history teachers did not want to remove AP World History in the first place, but they could not find someone to teach it last year. This year, Waterhouse offered to teach the course himself.

“It is really interesting to look at the big picture, especially regarding the rise and fall of civilizations,” Waterhouse said. “It really gives the students a very broad perspective, and from that perspective, looking at modern western civilization becomes especially interesting and informative.”

The class is open to seniors, and currently 13 students are enrolled.

The History Department also added a new AP Human Geography class.

The class used to be offered as either a one semester class or as a full year class with an added international relations component.

Now the class is only offered as a full year elective and students can select from one of two available classes: AP Human Geography and International Relations or the new class, AP Human Geography and Urban Studies.

In the AP Human Geography and International Relations class, the study of geography is connected with learning about current international political relations, according to the curriculum guide.

The AP Human Geography and Urban Studies course allows students to examine the causes and impacts of city life, according to the curriculum guide.

“I was intrigued by the human geography aspect,” Andie Cook ’19 said. “When it came to choosing which class to take, I heard that [AP Human Geography and Urban Studies] focused more on Los Angeles, which sounded super interesting. I still don’t even really know what to expect, and am excited for what the year has to bring.”