Economics Club to teach seminar

Kendall Dees

Will Cook-Healy ’19 and Chronicle Assistant Sports Editor Asa Saperstein ’19 wrote a seminar over the summer on introductory level economics, which they plan to teach to the Economics Club over the course of the incoming school year.

Cook-Healy and Saperstein said that they created the Economics Club to bring attention to the under-discussed world of economics, and the breadth of subtopics which it incorporates.

“We put together the seminar as a way to put all of the things that would form somebody as financially literate in one place,” Cook-Healy said.

Cook-Healy said that the course is designed to help students understand economics through the application of relatable topics and practice problems. They named the course “An introductory study in economics, financial markets, and trading securities.”

The goal of the course is to ensure that these concepts do not remain abstract to students, Saperstein said.

“I think that the whole course tries to build on itself and you end up with a really financially literate student who is going to be able to go into the world and participate in a globalized economy, and that is kind of the point of the course,” Cook-Healy said.

Both Saperstein and Cook-Healy have conducted research on the topic of economics in order to qualify themselves to teach such a seminar, including private tutoring.

The seminar will be taught during club meetings and will be supplemented by assigned reading and projects.

“We are intent upon engaging in collective learning through discussion, debate and critical analysis of market phenomena,” Saperstein said