Oscar Cancio ’04: Admissions

Luke Schneider

After working as a Harvard-Westlake Alumni Volunteer for over seven years, Oscar Cancio ’04 will join staff this year as an Associate Director of Admission.

Cancio previously worked in admissions at the University of La Verne, Bates College and the University of Southern California.

Cancio graduated from Bates College with a bachelor’s degree in English with a focus in African-American Literature.

Cancio said there are many differences between college admissions and secondary school admissions.

“The interviews, quite honestly, are more fun with the younger students,” Cancio said. “We talk about family dynamics, or their pet, or their favorite food. It’s just a very different feeling.”

Cancio has almost a decade of experience in college admissions and said he has advice to share with students.

“It was always a pet peeve of mine when students wouldn’t proofread their essays,” Cancio said. “People are so quick to have shorthand conversation [on social media], and an essay is not an appropriate place for that.”