Girls’ tennis falls in season opener

Ben Tenzer

The girls’ tennis team lost to Valencia by a score of 7-11 in the first match of the season today.

Despite the loss, players say the squad isn’t discouraged and will look at this as a learning experience.

“I truly think that everyone tried their hardest,” Captain Lara Mikhail ’18 said. “I think that the coaches tried to keep the lineup as familiar as possible, by that I mean [Coach Durisic] didn’t pair up any new doubles teams.”

Mikhail believes this match will help the team figure out its approach for the rest of the season.

“I think this match more than anything was kind of like a diagnostic,” Mikhail said. “From this point forward, I think coach has a better idea of where she needs to place people in order to strengthen our lineup and compensate for the players we lost.”

The squad will play Palos Verdes High School in the first home match of the season Sept. 14.