Get Lit slam poets visit school

Saba Nia

To foster more interest in slam poetry, four members of Get Lit, a non-profit literary organization in Los Angeles, performed during the junior class meeting Sept. 15.


Get Lit, whose mission is to “use poetry to increase literacy, empower youth and inspire communities,” according to its website, is known for its Get Lit Players, a slam poetry team that performs and competes across the country.


The school’s own slam poetry team, My Word! Slam Poetry Club, capitalized on Get Lit’s visit to encourage students to join the team.


“As a member of the HW spoken word team, it was such an exciting opportunity for me to watch the Get Lit Players come a perform for our school community,” Jenny Yoon ’19 said. “Poetry, especially spoken word, is such a powerful way to connect people between the performer and the audience. Overall, it was a great experience watching the poems and I’m very excited for the slam poetry club here on this campus to continue practicing and performing this year.”


Members of the slam poetry club encourage all to come to the slam poetry team auditions, which will take place after Thanksgiving break.