Students sign up for clubs at Activities Fair


Black Leadership, Awareness and Culture club leaders recruit new members for the upcoming school year. Credit: Alex Goldstein/Chronicle

Alex Goldstein

Due to overwhelming interest to lead a club this school year, only 5 new clubs had a table at the Activities Fair, held on Monday at break.


“We want active organizations that have enough members to make a difference and to achieve the goals that they stated in their club charter,” Director of Student Affairs Jordan Church said. “We feel that one of the ways we can do that is by limiting the overall amount of clubs and holding clubs to the standards that they set for themselves.”


Around 20 applications for new clubs were put on the waitlist for the second semester Activities Fair. The waitlist will increase when sophomores, who cannot be club leaders during the first semester, will apply as well.


“We have heard from faculty members and club leaders in the past that the addition of new clubs sometimes waters down their support and the amount of people that actually sign up for their club and are active members in their club,” Church said. “So as we expect clubs to do more and more on campus we also need to be responsible for how many opportunities kids have.”


Students saw 73 clubs and student organizations at the fair. These groups include community service clubs, student interest clubs and activity clubs.


The fair gave club leaders a chance to recruit new members for the upcoming school year.


“The club fair really gives us an opportunity to show what our interests are and show how our clubs have become successful,” Model UN leader Chloe Donovan ’19 said. “It was a really good experience to see how many people are interested and how many people really want to learn about what everyone else on campus is doing. It is a really great way to showcase what Harvard Westlake has to offer.”