Affinity groups attend first monthly meeting

Kaitlin Musante

Members of various affinity groups on campus discussed community values and future goals at their first ever monthly meeting.

Coordinator of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Nate Cardin said that they decided to host the meetings to foster support amongst the groups, amplify student voices and gain the ear of administrators.

“We wanted to work intersectionality and support each other because we know that in each of our different groups and identities, it can be a little lonely and frustrating at times,” Cardin said.

Attendees discussed their thoughts and feelings surrounding the controversy of the Right on Point podcast and decided that educating the unaware and establishing community norms were important future steps.

“I think that the members of the podcast truly believe that [what they are saying] is just an opinion and that they have every right to say those things because they believe that it is more true than it is hurtful,” Jaida Hodge-Adams ’19. “However, I think that it is both not true and very hurtful and that if we can start by acknowledging that certain things are not factual and are offensive, we can have a greater positive shift in our community.”

The group also discussed the possible introduction of Movie Mondays, a program that would show a movie that highlights diverse voices once a month before Peer Support in order to educate the community.