Girls’ tennis squeaks past Notre Dame in win

Ben Tenzer

The girls’ tennis squad defeated Notre Dame by a score of 10-8, improving to a league record of 3-0.

Last season, the Wolverines were 1-1 against the Knights, each match being close with a 4 match win margin out of the total 11.

“We went into the match knowing that it’d be tough, as we have lost a lot of players from last year, but we came ready to fight and win,” Grace Swift ’19 said.

In close matches like these, a crucial factor often becomes the support from teammates.

“Our chemistry is so good this year and we supported each other, quite loudly, during this match against ND and I honestly think it made the difference and pushed everyone to win,” Swift said.

The squad will return home for their next matchup against Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy High School on Oct. 3.