Photography students interview director

Kaitlin Musante

Photography III students interviewed director Lynn Novick about her latest documentary, “The Vietnam War,” over livestream to gain inspiration for their upcoming photo show. However, due to opposing viewpoints about the war and the large number of comments, Novick did not respond to student’s questions.

Emma Spencer ’18, who participated in the livestream, said that she was upset that many of her questions, which focused on the more negative side of the war, were not answered, but she understood why Novick may have ignored them.

“I think that the audience had a pretty limited knowledge of the war, so it was a very generic live stream,” Spencer said. “I also felt though from her answers that she didn’t even know that much about the war, but that was probably just because of her audience.

Despite this, Spencer said that the livestream helped confirm that she was on the right track for her project.

Photography teacher Kevin O’Malley said that he signed up for the livestream, which was open to various schools throughout the country, to help his students look at their assignment from a new perspective.

Although the livestream was not what he expected, O’Malley said that he was impressed with his students’ ability to ask uncomfortable questions and was happy that they were motivated by the interview to work harder on their own projects.