JCL visits Getty Villa

Valerie Velazquez

Students and chaperones from the Junior Classical League club (JCL) attended their annual trip to the Getty Villa on Nov. 11.

Before seeing the rest of the museum, students visited an exhibit on Roman mosaics through the empire. They observed the pieces of art that decorated the architecture of the Roman world, and learned more about ancient culture.

“I think this experience is important because it shows the importance of Classical studies in bringing people together, and it expands our knowledge when we learn things about Roman culture that we don’t necessarily have time to learn at school,” JCL member Taia Cheng ’19 said.

Because of participants’ positive reactions, members of JCL said they expect to continue offering and attending the trip.

“I’m definitely looking forward to going to this trip in the following years,” Cheng said. “It is one of my favorite weekends of the school year. I’m especially excited for the trip this year and next year because my little brother is going on the trip as well. I convinced him to take Latin and can’t wait to introduce him to JCL.”