Photographers display teacher grants in project

Ryan Albert

Photo II students displayed photos and descriptions of teacher travel grant trips from this summer in Seaver on Oct. 30.
The “Development Grant Project” featured studio portraits of the teachers set on a backdrop relating to their trips with brief summaries of their travel grants.
Over a dozen teachers who traveled across the globe from Shanghai to Venice were interviewed and photographed for the photo show.
The project also raised awareness about the places teachers travel to over the summer and about the teachers’ travel grant program in general, according to participants.
Visual arts teacher Kevin O’Malley presented the project to his students to encourage them to showcase a more interesting depiction of campus life through photo and film projects.
He said that the community has reacted positively to the show and the blurbs have attracted teachers and informed them about the grants.
“If there is a spike in teachers applying for grants this year, we shall know that the show was a success,” O’Malley said.
Isabella Huang ’19, who interviewed and photographed math teacher Adam Varney and Chinese teacher Kattie Xu, said the project was also intended for students to get to know their teachers better.
“I think it was done to make sure teachers are more aware of these grant opportunities and to allow students to learn more about how teachers used those grants,” Huang said. “Students have also been talking a little bit about this project and about what their own teachers did with the grants.”
“I thought that the descriptions of the teachers were really interesting and I learned some things about my teacher that I had never known before, even though I had her last year,” Angela Tan ’19 said.