Entertainment speakers advise video artists

Jenny Li

Screenwriter, director and actor John Gatins, most notable for his screenplay “Flight,” spoke to Video Art II and III students Nov. 9 about his introduction to Hollywood and the evolution of his career as a director and actor.
Video Art I, II and III students also listened to Academy Award-winning actor Geena Davis, most notable for her role in Beetlejuice,” 2012 Olympics Gymnastics Gold Medalist and UCLA coach Jordyn Wieber and other speakers discuss the power of storytelling and sports journalism in film through fireside chats, presentations and panels at the third annual Women in Entertainment Summit at the Skirball Cultural Center on Nov. 2.
“It was amazing and exciting to see, as someone who wants to go into the entertainment industry, someone who didn’t really have a set path and didn’t have all of these connections yet,” Video Art III student Nicole Bahar ’18 said.
Video Art II student Matthew Berg ’19 said Gatins helped him gain a greater understanding of the entertainment industry.
“He was one of the most entertaining speakers I’ve heard,” Berg said. “He is not only greatly accomplished, but he told some of the most interesting stories with a significant amount of humor. I learned about the challenges and opportunities in the film industry, and most importantly, keeping an open mind when it comes to pivoting from your original goals.”
According to the Women in Entertainment website, the summit aimed to unite leaders in the industry to empower and inspire future generations of women and girls around the world.
Video Art II student Kat Swander ’19 said that the event broadened her awareness about various forms of discrimination and bias in the film and entertainment industry.
“I think it was important to put a face [on] the issue and get a first-hand account of some struggles that women are still faced with today in the entertainment industry,” Swander said. “Overall, it was a great experience because I not only got to hear from experienced professionals about the industry, but also gained knowledge on the prevalent issue of gender equality in entertainment.”